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    Helping you get home safe is the most reliable cellular wire transmitter. Video, Audio & GPS. Works with or without a network connection. Automatic backups and remote restart in case of dropped signal.
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Transmitter's System

Using the Monitor app, you and your team can remotely check in to view the transmitter's system entirely live. Also use the app to remotely control the transmitter from flipping the camera, zooming in and out, and much more.


As soon as the Transmitter app is activated, your entire team is notified and can listen and view by simply tapping on the notification. Transmitter will record video, audio, GPS, and any combination of those three. Use in combination with the Monitor app and you and your team are in business.


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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Your phone is already a digital recorder, a camera, a video recorder, a messenger and a note-taker. What if you could leverage all of this functionality in your day-to-day work? Transmitter is the app to do that for you, it's practically invisible to suspects and twice as easy to get something to record on it.

Unlimited Viewers

No limit to the size of your team! Anyone can view/listen to the wire remotely with no limits.

Multiple Modes

Need a covert digital video recorder? Check. Need audio for officer safety? Check. Need video surveillance? Check.

Remote Control

Remotely start the Transmitter whenever you want, wherever you are. Change the operational mode, flip the camera, and more.

Automatic Fallback

Automatically start a backup recording in case the wire feed drops to ensure you don't lose valuable evidence.

Court Ready Evidence

All recordings are stored and encrypted for easy retrieval from our Dashboard. Reports include all metadata and SHA256 verification.

Instant Notifications

Whenever the Transmitter is activated, your entire team is notified and can listen/view by tapping on the notification.

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Secure, Locked 
Throw Phone

Provide the suspect with an ordinary phone that is locked down so they can only call/text the primary negotiator.

Third-Party Statements

Record statements from friends or family members and play them directly to the suspect using the Respond system.

Live Video & Audio Streaming

Covertly stream live video and audio from the locked throw phone to your entire team whether they are remote or on-scene.

Instantly Notify Your Team

Whenever a call is made to the suspect, your entire team is notified and can listen in to the negotiations live. 

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