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  • Capture Any Call or Text

    Phone is the ideal app for UC/CI ops when capturing calls, texts and location information is critical. You can be alerted of all calls and texts made by your cooperator and even listen in live. Authorized LE only.
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Key Benefits for Law Enforcement

Phone was built to be customized specifically to the needs of your individual investigation or operation. That's why you can conduct 3-way calls, initiate calls from a computer, use a mobile app, use a landline, spoof any number, change numbers at-will, eavesdrop, remotely lock out devices, and more. 

Limitless Numbers

Spoof any number or provision a 'Burner Number' just for your op. Burner numbers can be changed at any time.

Fits Any Situation

Whether you have a cell phone, landline, or computer, you can start a recorded call. Works with or without Internet.

Budget Friendly

Phone starts at $99/yr. per line meaning that you can scale up your ops while scaling down your budget.

What Our Customers Say

"We have used LETS more than a hundred times in undercover operations and it hasn't failed us once." - Detective, Middletown PD

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