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    Digital field evidence collection that's secure and keeps your phone out of the chain of custody. Automate report writing by letting Investigate work in the background for you, so you can focus on getting home safely.
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Investigate's System

Use Investigate to easily record texts and calls from and to an officer's virtual phone number and take evidence photos without worrying about subpoenas. With LETS hashing capabilities and the secure cloud, you no longer have to worry about tracking files, copies of evidence or file transfers. Nothing is stored on your phone, no equipment to check out and no more subpoena potential.


Work more efficiently

Your phone is already a digital recorder, a camera, a video recorder, a messenger and a note-taker. What if you could leverage all of this functionality in your day-to-day work? Investigate is the first app to integrate all of these features along with a dedicated virtual number that allows you to call and text citizens, victims and even suspects.

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Unlimited Storage

We believe storage costs are ridiculous so no matter how much you use Investigate, you'll never pay for storage.


Automatically transcribe any recording with our machine transcription service that's up to 95% accurate.

Call & Text

Get a dedicated virtual number so you don't have to expose your real number when communicating. Optionally record calls too.


Your evidence is yours. You can access, download and delete it whenever you want. Sophisticated access controls are provided for larger agencies.


Securely shared evidence with other users in your agency or even people outside of your agency (like the DA) and work on the same case together.

3-Way Call

Conduct a 3-way call between a cooperator and suspect with you as the listener. Secretly whisper to the cooperator instead of passing notes.

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